What Android Developers are Looking For and How to Recruit Them.

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Developers are by far the most spoiled for choice with regards to jobs positions. They are infamously not the most loyal of employees, and have a reputation for shifting companies if their needs are not nurtured well. According to Stack Overflow’s most recent 2019 Global Developer Insights Study, over 73.9% of developers are already employed with a further 9.8% self-employed or working freelance.

The job of a recruiter in this market is notoriously tough, however it is still possible to capture the attention of a qualified developer and direct this towards your company, if you know what developers are really looking for. In this article we’ll be outlining some basic developer needs to tend to that you might be overlooking.

Just like with any fruitful relationship, the employer-employee relationship should take care of a specific set of needs so that both parties are fulfilled and supported in their development. If they’re not being fulfilled, they’re likely to leave your company for one that is more in line with their needs, values, and goals. Your Employer Branding is very important and needs to persuade potential candidates that their future will be bright and inspiring and their needs are going to be met.


What are those needs?

Shelter, food and drink

Of course, salary is the number 1 necessity when applying for jobs, and is the first thing applicants look for, so it is amazing how so many companies leave this crucial detail out. 

We may be so advanced as a race, that our doctors are working on providing us with medicines preventing aging and we have robots to clean our houses from the other side of the world but shelter, food and drink are still crucial. Ensuring we can afford the basics to the level we want and can save enough for our dream house is crucial.

Developers much prefer jobs postings that provide a salary range to those leaving this out. Transparency is a quality becoming more and more important across most industries and including this salary range in your job postings adds value to your Employer Branding and shows that you are dedicated to including this level of transparency in your company values. 

Career growth, self development, self actualisation 

Developers are looking for a job that is going to provide them with support in their learning, a world that opens up new opportunities, and challenges which will broaden their skill sets and horizons, ones they wouldn’t find working freelance or coding on their own. This could mean access to new technologies, educational events and networking events.

Knowing what gets Android Developers going is key to getting them onto your team, and let us tell you, the promise of being able to play with new technologies is 100% going to give your company a huge boost in attracting developers.

Get to know the latest technologies and if you don’t, then definitely have someone on your tea who does and can advise you so you can boast access to these when you’re interviewing.

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Company Values 

Back to these, as with the example of providing salary range for transparency, it is now crucial that you display evidence of your company values, whether this is your commitment to diversity or sustainability. Especially since the recent scandals that have been hitting Western headlines regarding racially biased AI recruitment systems. As Oktopost states, “It’s not just about the talk, it’s about walking the walk. This needs to stem from culture right through to your creative communications and recruitment.”


Outlining company values that potential developer candidates will identify with is crucial in making your company stand out from the crowd. Highlighting how your company helps make a difference to people’s lives is one of the best motivations you can offer. Find a way to present your company’s objectives clearly and transparently putting them into perspective so they inspire and appeal to people’s deeper emotions. This will make potential candidates far more likely to read through the available position and start an application.


Once you have presented all this information in your outstanding Employer Branding page, how do you contact them?

According to Stack Overflow’s 2018 Global Insights Study, when asked how developers would like to be contacted by recruiters, 63.9% of developers would most prefer to be contacted via an email to their private email address.

Personalised emails about why the particular candidate would be suited to the job taking into consideration their skillset and history is the best way to encourage candidates to respond. A developer’s LinkedIn inbox will most likely be saturated with unpersonalised recruiter messages of which they will ignore about 99%. Some examples that worked for one developer was being taken out to the recruiter’s favourite Indian restaurant after she read that the candidate loved Indian cuisine. Meeting for coffee outside of work and getting to know each other in a casual setting works best.

Find them where they’re at! Meeting developers personally at events they like to attend such as courses, facebook groups and networking events is a great way to get to know them and gives you something in common with them from the get go. One of droidcon’s 25 global conferences in some of the world’s most vibrant tech hubs are great places to start if you want to truly engage with developers.



Benefits to reward your employees for their hard work and loyalty is not just important but a given in any company. Make sure your benefits are not the same as every other company’s, but stand out as well thought out.

The ability to work remotely as an option with unlimited or a certain number of remote days per week is generally greatly appreciated among developers and a strong incentive to join the company.

Additional vacation days per year is a true and considerate perk that will draw candidates to your company page. Some larger corporations offer unlimited vacation days per year, however this can backfire with employees ending up taking far less vacation days than they should from pressure to show they’re working hard, and end up burning out. Offering a specific amount that is above the average number for your national minimum number of days is a great incentive that shows you really care.

Company outings from craft beer tastings to BBQs in the summer are also added incentives that create a better company culture and strengthen teamwork dynamics.

Remember, presenting a company goal that developers can identify with is absolutely key to inspiring potential candidates to hit that application button. Strong company values, transparency and thoughtful benefits that show you really know your employees and value them are also essential in the job market nowadays. Make sure your Employer Branding is hitting these sweet spots to attract those top developers.

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