Who are we 

trivago is a metasearch that empowers users to see what’s out there, compare the possibilities, and confidently choose their own destiny. Over the years we’ve established 55 localized platforms connected to over three million hotels and alternative accommodations, in over 190 countries.

Our purpose

We’re home to over 500 tech specialists from all corners of the globe, who wake up every day to build a hotel search that is straight forward, simple-to-use and unbiased. Our engineers operate on a large-scale, complex, and rapidly evolving IT landscape. In a time when the travel industry is drastically changing, we have the opportunity to help drive this change by producing innovative products that will meet users' new expectations and needs by using our top strengths to our advantage: our ability to adapt quickly and to focus on our users. We have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to shape the future of the travel industry and we want you to be part of it. Can we count you in?

Life at trivago

People are the lifeblood of your business, and it’s critical to keep it flowing. At trivago, we look for people who are hungry and ambitious. And while many entrepreneurs dream of having an international business with global offices, we take a different approach by bringing the world to our door. We hire a diverse team from around the world, bringing different worldly perspectives under one roof in Düsseldorf, Germany to ensure that we truly have a global focus. We’re a people-focused company to our core and our purpose is to empower people to get more out of life. With our core values as our foundation, we provide opportunities for talents to have an impact on business, cultivate a culture of trust within a diverse, international environment, gain new skills, maintain a balanced and flexible lifestyle, and feel at home.
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Tech at trivago

Scalability, speed and efficiency are three key factors that influence our Software Engineering at trivago. Each engineer has their own area of focus which can involve developing high traffic web applications, setting up high performing database queries or writing and optimizing code for various browsers and connection speeds. Our engineers love the challenges that their work presents to them on a daily basis and thrive in our agile environment where they can share their knowledge and work together to solve any problems that arise. We want to make our developers feel empowered by providing various learning, mentoring, and development opportunities. What does this actually mean? Find out on our Tech Blog, where our engineers share their thoughts, or sign up to our tech tips newsletter.

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Check out what some trivago developers have to say:

“What I like about trivago is that you can follow your passions and interests, which is great for personal development. In my time here, I have had four different roles, and each role change brought with it a phase of intense learning. All the while, I could still enjoy the same great company culture, and work with the people that I have come to appreciate so much.”

Thomas Bartel (Software Engineering / JavaScript)


"Since I joined trivago one and a half years ago adapting to changes of this fast changing world has been never so important as in 2020. Tech has been always a fast-evolving area, combining it with rapidly changing business requirements makes things extremely challenging and fascinating at the same time. Every day I learrn how to provide the minimal set of features to satisfy business needs, move fast and still provide maintainable and clean solutions. During this evolvement journey I appreciate working with best tech experts - supportive and open-minded, who also never forget your birthday too!"

Iryna Feuerstein (Matching / Java)


"It's cool to work so closely with the team and our top-notch technology to solve intricate PHP puzzles on a regular basis. I enjoy being challenged daily. Thanks to my tasks and my colleagues, there is never a dull moment."

Dejan Spasic (Software Engineering / PHP)


"As a developer in a very diverse team, I am challenged to do/learn something new every day. I really like to work in an environment where asking questions is completely natural and where sharing knowledge is part of the culture."

Melanie Patrick (Software Engineering / PHP)


Our tech stack

In our trivago tech teams, we love to experiment with new technologies and we use the best in production for our large-scale system, which serves a great user experience which helps millions of users find their ideal hotel every day.
We use Docker and Kubernetes as our main platform backed by Redis, Memcached, and Kafka as our primary data exchange layer. Our core systems are written in Kotlin, PHP, Java, Python, and Go.
The frontend layer is based on JavaScript, Redux, webpack, Melody, Swift, Kotlin, and Babel. For crunching jobs on the humongous amount of data we store, we use  InfluxDB, Elasticsearch, MySQL, and Hadoop.
Not only do we rely on Open Source technologies, we also give back to the community through development and financial support.