Help us define the future of Kotlin Multiplatform Mobile (KMM)

Touchlab is trusted by mobile innovators to scale KMM. We accelerate KMM adoption through product & SDK development, early adopter support, architectural & production-readiness reviews and open-source projects.

We advise enterprises like Square and NBC on scaling KMM and partner with JetBrains to increase KMM adoption. Interested in the tech? Check out our Kotlin Multiplatform starter kit and look out for our open positions. We’re actively hiring!

Introduction to Kotlin Multiplatform by Touchlab partner Kevin Galligan

We like being experts.

Our teammates are great at what they do. That doesn’t mean everyone shows up on day one with a crazy Stack Overflow score, but it does mean we’re hungry to learn, to be better, and to help each other be better at every stage in our careers.

You don’t have to show up an expert, just show up wanting to become one.


 Excellence in our community

Running the NY Kotlin and Android meetups (one of the largest dev meetups in the world) for many years has taught us a lot.

We use those lessons to help our team succeed. We’ve got a couple GDEs in the mix, some blog authors, and quite a few conference and podcast speakers.

Touchlab grows by growing our people.

5 insights into our hiring practices

1. As in all our work, we believe hiring is a collaborative process. Hiring doesn’t come down to the decision of just one person, multiple members of our team will evaluate each candidate. This also helps counteract any biases.


2. We’re committed to making sure interviewing with us is accessible to all. We have processes in place to address any accessibility questions. If you have any needs or any questions, please reach out to


3. Your time is as valuable as ours. We’ll keep the interview process as streamlined as possible and make sure you speak with multiple members of the team in a timely fashion; it helps you get to know us quicker, and vice versa. Count on us for regular status updates on where you are in the process


4. We focus on practical topics during the interview process. We want to hear how you’ve worked on a software team and your knowledge to solve common mobile problems.


5. Here are our typical interview stages. First up is a technical screening where we ask you to complete an exercise. Next is the introductory phone interview followed by long-form interviews with rotating members of our team. Finally, we collect feedback internally and notify applicants whether or not an offer will be made. Of course, this can vary based on the position and level and we’ll communicate that at the start of the process.


Open Positions

Kotlin Multiplatform Mobile Developer

Touchlab is looking for a Mobile Developer, with Android/Kotlin experience, who is eager to dive into Kotlin Multiplatform Mobile (KMM) development. The ideal candidate has some iOS experience, but we know most Android devs need to learn these skills, and we’re the best place to learn. Apply Now

Senior Kotlin Multiplatform Mobile Developer

Touchlab is looking for a Senior Kotlin Mobile Multiplatform (KMM) Developer. Candidates should be experienced mobile developers with a professional history of creating native mobile applications. Apply Now