Plenty of Fish


About Us

Our story begins all the way back in the distant year of 2003 when we laid down our roots as the first free online dating site in a world of subscriptions and pay-for-play. As one of the first scrappy start-ups to take off in beautiful Vancouver, BC, we’ve never forgotten where we came from and why we’re here in the first place. We believe that building a community where people feel free to be themselves, helps create the most meaningful connections. Every single day since we started this crazy journey, we’ve thought about nothing but helping people find their blanket thief, Ikea sherpa, personal spider hunter… you get the point.

With all that’s changed in the world of dating since we stepped onto the scene, getting to know someone has come to feel more like a chore or a part-time job and less like an adventure. We see the pressure for the perfect bathroom selfie or capturing that effortless pose on the edge of a cliff, but our version of online dating was never meant to be about make-believe or causing anxiety. Pretending to fit into this filtered world has never been our style. 

We’ve always been true to who we are, matching our members based on the things that ultimately make for real, long-lasting love. That’s why we were the first dating app to ditch face filters. We want people to feel that they can just be themselves...and well, just be. No pressure, just real connections. 

Every day we keep on building this community of real people who are pumped to get out there and explore life with that special someone they just haven’t met yet.


Our Values

Want to join the POF family? Our values are our guiding principles during the hiring process. We want people on our team that are proud of the work they do and love the people they do it with.

Big Scale, Lean Teams

We collect over 2.5 billion data points daily, so we're not lying when we say that at Plenty of Fish, you have the opportunity to work on a scale most people only dream of. We're constantly growing and evolving, but we keep our teams lean so you don't get lost in the shuffle. Why is this a big deal? It means you have the ability to directly impact people's lives each and every day, and we think that's pretty cool.