We’re building an AI-powered writing assistant that helps people communicate and connect. Our team is working to achieve big goals using a thoughtful, human approach. Join us on our journey!

Working towards and audacious vision

Supporting people however they communicate

We develop our writing assistant to support all kinds of people in all kinds of communication—from personal to academic to professional.

Building a determined and dynamic team

Grammarly entrusts team members with autonomy while supporting their professional growth in a collaborative working culture.

Focusing on long-term success

Building on a profitable business model with $200M in funding, we are growing quickly and excited about our future.

Shanik Patel, Head of Growth

We set people up for success:



Be honorable and earn trust by doing the right thing even when no one is watching, every time.


Embrace change to evolve and succeed, with a positive, problem-solving attitude.


Achieve with passion and perseverance for goals, by doing whatever it takes to get the job done, whenever it’s necessary.


Treat others as they want to be treated to work well together, by actively listening to put yourself in their shoes and then responding accordingly.


Always be learning to develop quickly and be exceptional yet humble, by continually seeking out mentors and learning opportunities.

The tech that makes our product possible:

Grammarly’s writing assistant is powered by advanced AI. We’re building a product that delivers sophisticated communication suggestions, adapts to individual users, and scales across the internet. Much of what we’re creating has never been done before.

We’re growing—
and we want you to join us

Find out how you can add your talent and skills to our team and help us push forward our mission!

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