eos.uptrade GmbH



„Choose a profession you love and you will never have to work another day in your life“



Who are we?

The software company eos.uptrade provides online sales systems and ticketing solutions mainly for the public transport sector. The company was founded in 2000 and since then has developed into one of the most innovative software specialists.

eos.uptrade develops online and mobile ticketing solutions for public transport companies. With its innovative product lines it covers the entire ticketing lifecycle from time table information, ticketing to ticket inspection. The main product eos.ticketing was developed having the special requirements of transportation companies in mind.

At present, eos.uptrade has more than 80 customers in public transport (e.g. Hamburg, Berlin, Munich, Vienna) and in tourism who use mobile and online ticketing solutions with different interfaces to external systems.

Our mission

Combined Power for Mobility: To offer the passenger an optimal, coordinated range of different mobility services: our understanding of Mobility as a Service (MaaS). eos.uptrade works on the holistic establishment of MaaS together with the partners Siemens Mobility and  HaCon. Everything from one source – our offer of ticketing, route planning, MaaS, data analysis, Intermodal Management Platforms, Demand Responsive Transport and more offers your passengers the highest travel comfort. we share one common goal: enhancing the passenger experience – with our combined power for mobility.

Why eos.uptrade?

Some of us love Mett, others loathe it. Some of us are Apple lovers, others are more into Windows. We like to go on class trips, although others might think we are too old for that. Our team consists of different characters but we are united by the same will to make the world a little bit better by taking cars off the streets. We are developing the mobility of the future - find out and experience yourself why you should become part of us.


Our goal is to remove cars from the streets – that’s the certain "Greta Factor". Together, we are shaping the innovative transformation of mobility and promoting the use of public transport. Even small steps help - With us, you actively drive issues like sustainability and climate protection. Even though our logo is blue, we are green at heart and try to live that internally and externally.  


We like to move in a good atmosphere. A respectful but relaxed together contributes a lot. If you ever have to come in late or have to leave early, no one rolls their eyes at you. We work with a fair working time account without core working hours and the possibility to work from home, so that we can reconcile job and private life in a healthy way.


We employ over 130 people in Hamburg, Dresden and Lübeck. Our number of customers is also growing steadily. We currently have more than 100 well-known customers from the transport and tourism industry in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Denmark and Andorra.


Our motto "Driving Innovation" applies to all areas. That's why your further education is also important to us:

  • At our "eos.talks", employees give presentations on current topics, new processes and products.
  • There is regular participation in conferences, such as code.talks 
  • External and internal trainings, e.g. English courses, Scrum trainings



Are you passionate about innovative, new technologies and ways of working? Then you belong to us. We do our best to ensure that our employees are - and remain - at the cutting edge. The day-to-day work of many of our departments is characterised by agile and cross-functional working methods. For the most part, we work according to Scrum in combination with Kanban. Our Agile Coach and our Scrum Master in permanent employment passionately ensure that agility is loved and lived. For all those who want to know in advance what they are getting into, here is an overview of our current tech and tool stack: