Delivery Hero SE


Who are we?

Delivery Hero is the #1 Global Leader in online food delivery! We have grown rapidly from inception in 2011 to become the world's largest food-ordering network and we’re now innovating and creating new verticals such as groceries, pharmacies, flowers and other convenience articles in multiple markets. Delivery Hero Tech is playing an exceptional role in the large growth of our company.

Our Tech teams leverage a diverse stack to create cutting-edge solutions that cover the full customer experience - starting with a great online search experience and ending with a real-time delivery at your doorstep. Delivery Hero is building the next generation global on-demand delivery platform.

Our Mission

Our mission is to always deliver an amazing experience! Take a look at how our Heroes help us make that happen!

Tech Stack

Check out our Tech Stack! Want to learn more about our Tech Radar and how to read it? Take a look here!

Diversity & Inclusion are our core ingredients!

At delivery Hero, we pride ourselves on being diverse. We have over 100 nationalities in our Berlin Headquarters! We also have a variety of Hero Communitiees, empowering our employees to celebrate their diverse backgrounds and build strong communities is paramount to an inclusive culture. We provide resources and sponsorship to our Hero Communities so they can help shape the culture we are all responsible for.

To learn more about diversity and inclusion at Delivery Hero, take a look at our video.

As well as that, we have just launched the Delivery Hero Tech academy! This is a direct way for us to help train the next generation of software engineers, while at the same time promoting diversity in the tech industry. Read more here.

Our Social Impact

Not only are we the world's largest food-ordering network, we also care about delivering a more sustainable future while at it. One of the ways we aim to achieve this is by going carbon neutral globally by the end of 2021. Amazing right?! Read about why and how we are doing this here.

Learn about how we are building a better world through Corporate Responsibility, from our Director of CSR & Sustainability.

Life in Tech at Delivery Hero

What's it like to work in Tech at Delivery Hero? Meet Vitor Reis, one of our Software Engineering Managers!

Check out what our Delivery Hero Tech Employees have to say!

Vitor Reis (Director of Engineering)

Growth is the word I would use to describe my experience working in Tech at Delivery Hero. Being on the team since 2015, I have learned so much about everything, it's been a fantastic journey to work on so many exciting topics such as microservices, serverless, Kubernetes, mobile, scalability, and so on. Delivery Hero's scale poses exciting challenges. Every month, I feel I’ve become a stronger engineer than before. The team is excellent, a truly international experience where we can learn from top field experts.

Yue Meng (Senior Data Analyst)

I joined Delivery Hero four years ago. Working for Delivery hero has helped develop my skills in so many fields, including the hard skills directly linked with my position - how to be a more professional data scientist, as well as many soft skills. Besides that, I really enjoy the working environment here. It’s full of diversity. My colleagues are from so many different countries. All of them are professional and nice. I’m really glad that I could join such an amazing company and team.

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