Five Ways to Make Your Job Listing Attract Top Talent

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Despite the vast number of people looking for work, employers still find it hard to pick the best fit when hiring. While they may be seeking the best, it is not always those preferred individuals who apply for the positions when the job listing is done. It can be easier for you as an employer if from the word go, you have the best talent looking to work for you.


1. Engage Your Current Employees

There is a business term known as 'employee ambassadors.' This refers to having your employees put in a good word for the company. Your best employees probably know the exact person you are looking for. You should, thus, use them as the first point of reference when listing.


They will either recommend someone to you or advise such a person to apply. This means that you have to create a good company culture way before you do your listing. You will need to treat your current employees well so that they can have a positive story to tell your prospective team additions.


2. Guard Your Company's Reputation

How developers perceive your organization will determine whether they want to work for you or not. It is, therefore, essential to guard your brand and make it a name the best developers want to be associated with. There is a need to monitor your online presence and ensure it only sends out positive images about the company. 

One secret of online presence is to have as little of it as possible. If it is not meant to sell, then it is not necessary. Avoid taking political stands on your company profile or commenting on every issue that occurs.


3. Use Targeted Advertising

Even before listing, try to identify specific developers you would like to work for you. Take an interest in the work they are doing and decide whether it suits your company. Armed with that, you can send messages targeted at them during your listing. You could email them or talk to them on professional profiles such as LinkedIn.


4. Network

Networking is vital in web development, just like in any other industry. While many developers may not attend events, the best talent will always show up there. Attending these events allows you to meet the top drawer developers and make contact with them. With these contacts, it becomes easier to reach out to people who can actually help when the time to do a job listing comes.


5. Be Consistent in Your Requirements

To attract top talent, you need to demand the best. Do not be afraid to state clearly in your listing what you are specifically looking for. Some advertisers fear that making strong demands could chase away some potential applicants.


On the contrary, top developers are attracted to listings that offer a significant challenge. A high bar of requirements shows that the advertiser is serious about what they are doing, hence piquing top developers' interest. Such demands also show developers that they are likely to earn well from the projects the company undertakes, as well as exposing them to an environment where they can grow.

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The above methods are easy to apply, yet they can make a huge difference in how your job listing performs. Take time to use them deliberately, and you will definitely love the direction your company takes.

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