What Senior Developers Look for in a candidate?

Thursday, May 28, 2020

By Shahla Aliyeva 


Senior developers handle the development and design duties of organizations by implementing solutions and improving codes before running tests. Senior developers are also respected for their capability to come up with exceptional code, deal with organizational problems, and mentor junior staff. Although they have high skills for hiring, they face the challenge of interviewing candidates. For this reason, they have a criterion for hiring new staff in organizations. 


Preparing the Correct Interview Questions for the Right Answers

Whether distant or not, a one-on-one interview has to make senior developers feel as if the meet-up is normal. Senior developers have to be clear and straightforward so that they can get the correct answers from applicants. They need to ask questions that revolve around behaviour, architecture, and design, such as the following:

  •  What programming languages and technologies do you use to have a certain project done in a week or month?
  • Which are the pros and cons of operating in a nimble surrounding?
  • Under which circumstance will you apply the NoSQL and not SQL solution?

What About Technical Interviews?

Technical interviews may comprise of various forms. These days, most organizations request applicants to fill a takeaway coding assessment. The best thing about this examination is that applicants may work on it while at home. After all, senior developers have a lot of responsibilities to take care of. Because of this reason, they expect candidates to handle the coding examination before the actual day of the face-to-face interview.


Remember, the assessment test for skills does not have to make candidates feel as if they have an assignment to take home. Senior developers expect applicants to build a cognitive relationship with them to learn one or two things.


What is the Importance of Coordination?

Senior developers understand that it’s crucial to work hand in hand with other hiring teams, especially those who will work closely with candidates. Moreover, a board of directors that represents the company and other staff will also offer the new candidates the feel of being comfortable, instead of overwhelming them.


Which Hiring Requirements Do Senior Developers Want?

When companies are searching for junior developers, they look for senior developers to help them hire the best staff. Most senior developers expect applicants to possess certain requirements, such as the following:

  •  A proof of showing that the candidates understand the culture of the company
  • Architectural qualification papers
  • Managerial skills and documents to prove applicants are qualified
  • A cover letter attached with a CV

Moreover, senior developers also expect applicants to include their contact details, such as Skype ID, phone number, and email address, among others. These details are essential should the applicants qualify for a job.


What Do Senior Developers Expect from Candidates During Interviews?

Senior developers have been in the field for many years. This means that they have enough experience to handle matters pertaining to the organization, including interviews. Asking questions to different candidates is a hectic task that senior developers go through. But with their top-notch skills, they use a few tactics and criteria to narrow down to various options, such as the following:

  •  Exhibiting skills of leadership
  • Evaluating the capability of developing software programs
  • Determining support from junior developers
  • Analyzing experience

If many candidates have all these qualities, then senior developers will have to determine how candidates respect and understand the dynamics of the team.


Concluding Remarks

The hiring process has never been easy because many protocols are involved. In addition to that, companies are expecting to get highly qualified staff so that they can grow. For that reason, organizations with job vacancies seek help from senior developers to help them get the right candidates. These professionals are skilful and experience when it comes to interviewing. Therefore, if you are preparing to get interviewed by senior developers, get to know what they expect from you to have everything set.