Tips to Re-Enter the Workforce After a Break

Wednesday, June 10, 2020

By Shahla Aliyeva 


As a developer, numerous reasons can cause you to take a break from the workforce. Examples include personal issues, holiday trips, health problems, and new opportunities, among many others. Irrespective of the reason for the break, re-entering the workforce can be quite challenging. That is more of the case if you have been away for a long time. That is because developers have to keep up with the many changes that continuously happen in the industry, to remain relevant. Below are some useful tips that you can use to re-enter the workforce after a break.



The first thing that you should consider before you start applying for jobs is whether you can deliver as a developer. That should take into account the current trends and job requirements. If you are unsure of the answer, you should consider re-training yourself. That will also help you to beat the competition that you will face from other qualified applicants, given how jobs are scarce nowadays. If you have been on a break for too long, consider taking a refresher course.


Update Your CV

Contrary to what many people believe, including a career gap in a CV does not necessarily ruin the chances of getting a job. If anything, it can work as a differentiating factor that will set you aside from the competition, giving you more chances of landing a job. The only condition is that the gap has to be well-explained. The explanation for the gap can range from time to re-evaluate yourself to going to gain more skills. If you got any new skills during the break, include it in your CV even if it is not directly related to the developer job.



Having worked as a developer before taking a break, you probably have a network to which you still have connections. When looking to re-enter the workforce, that would be an excellent time to make use of your contacts. Reach out to previous colleagues, friends, clients, and even your family and inform them of your intentions to re-enter the workforce and the position you are looking for. They may not offer you a job, but they can point you in the right direction. 


Work on Your Confidence

There are good chances that you may have lost confidence in your abilities as a developer after taking an extended break from the workforce. Lack of confidence can ruin numerous opportunities for you irrespective of your skills and abilities, especially during interviews. Do whatever it takes to become confident and take advantage of your confidence to land a position.


Research the Available Job Opportunities

Not all job offers may be a perfect fit for you as a developer. You need to determine what you want in your career and get a job that will help you achieve it. For that, you need to research the companies or businesses for which you can work and determine the ones that will be a perfect fit for you.