Tips for Running Better Remote Meetings

Wednesday, June 3, 2020

By Shahla Aliyeva 


Numerous situations can force developers to meet remotely. Time management, cost factors, and geographical challenges are just a few of the reasons to meet online. However, remote meetings do have a variety of challenges, as well. A lot can be done to ensure that the remote sessions for developers run more efficiently. A few tips to use are highlighted below.


Use the Best Technological Tools

The tools that you use to host remote meetings play an essential role in determining how efficient the meetings will be. A majority of remote sessions usually take into account the level of knowledge regarding the technological expertise of whoever will participate in the meeting. They opt for user-friendliness over the power of features. However, developers are tech-savvy and can handle just about any remote meeting software that you choose to use. They are also more than likely to have some of the best devices regarding performance, which can handle the preferred software. You can thus focus more on performance while hosting to ensure the remote meeting works efficiently.


Know When to Mute

During a remote meeting, there are times when you need to mute. That includes whenever you think that something will distract the developers from the main subject of the meeting. Background noise is among the most common reasons to mute, commonly caused by people side chatting or taking notes on their laptops. As the host, you can mute the participants who create distractions or remind them to mute themselves so that the meeting continues efficiently.


Give Equal Chances

Depending on the nature of the meeting, the attendees might want or need a chance to speak. As the host, you should ensure that every developer gets a fair chance to speak. However, that does not mean everyone should speak even when they do not have anything to contribute to the meeting. You should also be able to ensure the participants keep time regarding how much they talk so that the meeting can go as per the schedule.


Utilize the Chat Function

In a remote meeting for developers, there is usually a lot going on at the same time. As the host, you should strive to ensure that every point put across is addressed. You can use the chat function of the tool you are using to ensure that you do not forget anything. The chat function will help prepare the person who is supposed to address particular issues to do so when they can see the chat.


Assign Responsibilities

When hosting a remote meeting, you can easily get overwhelmed by everything that you have to do. To avoid that, you should consider assigning responsibilities to each developer during the session. The same applies to the follow-up duties, as you probably will not be able to follow up on everything that will be discussed during the meeting. Some of the responsibilities you can assign include taking notes and keeping time. Assigning responsibilities will also help your team to stay engaged during the entire session.