Insight Interview Series: 2. What Recruiters Are Really Looking For

Tuesday, April 28, 2020

We spoke to real recruiters to provide you with insights into the recruiting process. Here’s what Zillow had to say about their experience of recruiting developers at events like droidcon.

Zillow were present at droidcon SF 2019.


How important for you are events like droidcon for hiring?

Anytime that you can have a presence with thousands of Android engineers in one place, we have a unique chance to showcase your company and unique technical challenges to an abundance of talented engineers.


How many contacts do you take per event?

We like to meet as many mobile professionals as we can. We talked to hundreds of attendees and probably took contact information for about 100.


How do you use these?

We review these contacts to see if their background is a good fit for the opportunities that we have open. If there’s a possible match, we reach out in order to see if there’s mutual interest and take it from there.


Have you successfully hired developers at a droidcon?

As of yet, no, but we are still following up on some contacts that we made at the most recent droidcon.


Could you give us a statement about your experience hiring developers with droidcon, (droidcon events or jobsboard)?

It was our first time having a company presence at droidcon and posting on jobsboard. Overall, we’ve been pleased with the assistance that the droidcon staff has given us in our effort to reach out to the talented attendees of droidcon.


What was something an interviewee did, that took you by surprise positively?

We pleasantly surprised by the enthusiasm that many attendees expressed for the technical problem space that our company is addressing. We have several inbound communications conveying a desire to join our teams.


Photo taken at droidcon Berlin 2019