Insight Interview Series: 1. What Recruiters Are Really Looking For

Tuesday, March 10, 2020

1. The Recruitment Process (from real recruiters)


To help our Android developers pick up those jobs that motivate them the most, we spoke to tech recruiters to gain deep and genuine insights into what they’re really looking for. 

These questions cover a range of sought-after topics covering anything from technical interview questions to the essential soft skills recruiters are checking for.


What soft skills are most important to you and how do you test if developers possess these?

o Communication and collaboration are key elements to a successful team member.

o We use a list of questions that align with our company’s Core Values in order to evaluate our candidates. 

What hard skills does your company always require no matter what level of developer? Eg. technical requirements, coding languages, skilled at specific frameworks, software etc.


o Each of the following is required of all levels of Android developers, but the amount of emphasis on each will depend on the level of the candidate.

▪   Android UI and Performance

▪   Architecture

▪   Algorithms

▪   Java and Kotlin


...and what distinguishes seniors you’re hiring in terms of technical skills?

o Stronger architecture skills

o Automated testing expertise

o Understanding of clean coding/architecture and software best practice


What questions do you always ask in interviews?

o  We always use our large pool of Core Values questions.  These questions are intended to evaluate the soft skills of communication, ownership and collaboration. For example, “Tell me about a time you have had to deal with someone with a strong-willed personality, and how you maintained a working relationship?”



What qualities are you looking for in candidates responding to these? Do you have any advice on how to answer these?


o  Be honest and specific to the questions about Core Values. There’s no singular correct answer to any of them. Use real examples from your work experience, if possible.


What tests do you put candidates through and what is the lowest score you would take through to the next level of interview process?

o We have a pool of design pattern problem and algorithm questions that we use. The lowest score would depend on the level of the candidate.


Android developers over iOS developers - If you hire both is there any difference in how you recruit?

o The process is pretty similar.


What frameworks do you test in?

o JUnit

o Mockito

o Robolectric

o Espresso

o UIAutomator


What advice would you give to Android developers applying to you? What are you looking for in their CV, cover letter and interview?

o We look for customer-facing business application experience. Games are great, but not our focus.

o For interns and recent grads, we look for published personal apps and hack-a-thon experience to show they have a passion for doing mobile development.


What sort of projects do you set? What skills are you looking for in them and what advice would you give to a developer completing these successfully? 

o If the question is “What type of projects do we undertake?”, the answer is: We publish apps for automating all aspects of the real estate marketplace for both consumers and professionals. Other than aforementioned hard skills, a good understanding of mobile design and UX best practices would benefit any of our developers.


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