Developer Tips For Students And New Graduates

Wednesday, June 24, 2020

By Shahla Aliyeva

Studying IT is only the beginning; there are many steps which you should be doing to make yourself more employable. With the world already going through the fourth industrial revolution, coders and programmers have a crucial role to play as utilization of new technologies will take centre stage in every aspect of our lives, both in and out of our homes, as well as our places of work.


Many companies are already hunting for software developers as they try to adapt to the new realities. For students and new graduates positioning themselves for these opportunities, it might look like a hard task to map out a career in this field.


This article will break down some great insights from some of the world's best developers to help you get started and achieve your career dreams.


Practice, Practice, Practice

Even the most accomplished developers started from somewhere, and their biggest secret to getting to where they are, they say, is practice. Practice makes perfect, and when you are passionate about something, the only way to be good at it is through practice. One goal every developer must always have at the back of their mind is to solve problems and to make life easier, whether at home or in the office.


To get started as a developer, start by trying to solve problems at home or in your neighbourhood using whichever language you prefer, such as Java, Ruby, JavaScript, and Python, to mention just a few.


Having chats and attending meetings with other developers is also a great way to hone your skills and also learn from others. There will always be such gatherings; look out for them, and make good use of such opportunities.


Understand and Focus on User's Needs

If a piece of software doesn't make life easier for the people it is intended for, then it is not worth it. Always be aware of the user's needs and how you can help them achieve more by using your product. What exactly do you want to achieve, and why? If you can answer these questions, you will be able to develop better software.


Be Aggressive

Going to school and getting good grades is never enough; you should acquire some new knowledge on your own. There are countless tutorials online and vast online resources that you can make good use of to nurture your career. Make use of the knowledge you acquired in school by building real software and looking for ways to improve on it.


Always Think Like a Problem Solver

Coding might be interesting and exciting, but you must always think like a problem solver and also be alive to the fact that not all technology or techniques will solve every other issue. Different problems call for various tools and approaches. Experimenting is what development is all about.


Understand the Jargon/Language

Like in every other career, developers have their own lingo. One of your goals should be to understand the language to better position yourself for any upcoming opportunities. If your focus is web development, understand the language, but also strive to acquire some knowledge in the other fields of programming as you are better off having a mixture of all of them.